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[ ] 14.02.2009, 13:31

We are glad to present a new invention of the Electronics Division of Russian Institute for Advanced Researches:

We invented absolutely non-mechanical button ©.
1) Due to non-mechanical Physics principle of construction there is no moving components at all, so the producer of the buttons and any devices with the buttons can give to buyer the live time warranty.
2) We have to note that due to the simplicity of the keyboard, mouse and every electronics devices with the buttons the production of all electronics is not hard and is much more cheap.
3) It also will minimise the size and weight of any electronics devices, for example a widely used PC keyboard will be only 2 mm high.
4) This very new technology permits to make any buttons in PC keyboard, mouse, tower, monitor, on TV, DVD, CD player, wash-mashine, microwave, refrigerator and so on.

If Your company is interested to begin to produce the keyboards and so on, we are glad to present the invention. We are ready to sign a treaty with You and make an international patent.
ICQ: 400383835

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